Why Nick’s Place For Us?

Renovations are needed to this historical building in order to create a strong and welcoming arts center form North Bay Youth

Because we miss Nicholas… and no family should miss their loved one.

Over the last decade there has been a marked increase in the number of homeless in the north. With this comes a marked increase in the number of addiction issues and overdoses and an increased crime rate. Add into these factors a global pandemic and we begin to see a multitude of issues emerge.

Many of these issues take root in the early teen and young adult years making this segment of the population the most vulnerable and the most in need of outreach in positive and meaningful ways prior to the development of lasting and prolonged issues.

Nick’s Place For Us is being designed as an arts center aimed at socially isolated and marginalized youth primarily aged 13-30 who need positive interactions and opportunities. Through the use of visual, culinary and performing arts Nick’s Place For Us will provide leadership training, school success, job readiness, art in recovery, literacy enrichment, life skills and community involvement all using non-threatening arts programming.